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A tour through the machineroom in october 2005

These pictures were taken a few days after getting my gear back from storage. After taking care of my own furniture, clothes, trinkets and whatnot, it was time to setup the machineroom again.
I asked a friend to drop by and take pictures of the machineroom, as it had been ``delivered'' by the movers. You might find these pictures interesting... (although some of them are a bit blurred)

Grab a seat first

The ergonomic stool was still in good shape back then.

Northeast corner

It should be no surprise that I asked the movers to put the larger and heavier machines `out of the way', so they ended up packed in the corners and against the walls.
Here is one such corner. It may not look crowded, so let's have a closer look:
Isn't that something?

Northwest corner

This corner was the least crowded area, because it was the closest to the windows, from which all my gear was delivered. Still, there are quite a few `small' machines, external drive cases, and so on.

The west wall

Slowly turning towards the southwest corner, the west wall was decorated with most of the machines, stacked on top of each other at random.
Of course, there were not only machines, but also accessory boxes. Or, in this particular picture, keyboard boxes. Four of them. Large and heavy.

Machines in the middle

The walls and corners were not enough, we had to stack machines in the middle of the room as well.